Abstracts at an Architecturally Renowned Gallery

Returner - David Urban

The Corkin Gallery in Toronto is exhibiting a recent series by David Urban called Returner, 2011, a number of abstract oil paintings on canvas that vary in size and color.

The exhibition, on this month, coincides with the Abstract Expressionism exhibit currently on view at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

David Urban - Returner Study #1, 2011

The gallery, in Toronto’s fascinating Distillery District, is notable for more than the art it exhibits.  The firm Shim-Sutcliffe Architects received Canada’s  Governor General’s award in architecture for their design of Corkin Gallery.   The award winning facility was noted for it’s “intelligent adaptation of the distillery infrastructure, re-purposing the building to effective ends.”

The historic district is a restored area of Victorian industrial architecture that was once home to the largest distillery in the British Empire.  It’s a stunning backdrop for the local restaurants, design stores, cafes and art galleries; most of which feature post and beam finishes, amazing natural light and expansive ceilings

Corkin Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto

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