Fiber and Paper

Tim Hortons Bags & Hoop Embroidery

Shuyu Lu – Exhibit at the Ontario Crafts Council

A great post by a Toronto blogger tipped me to this  exhibit at the Ontario Crafts Council in Toronto, called Studio Remix.  The work of Shuyu Lu and Aneela Dias D’Sousa in particular caught my eye.

She uses the Tim Hortons (coffee) bag, familiar to every Canadian, and the ‘quicker picker upper’ towels.

The exhibition sees eight Toronto craftspeople who work in one of the four primary craft media (ceramics, fibre, glass and metal) placed in partnership with one another,  forming four collaborative pairs who work in two different materials.

Aneela’s Pieces: Textile Hoops,silk embroidery thread,
canvas, Bounty (The Quicker Picker-Upper),
Tim Hortons paper bag.
15.5cm dia.& 9cm dia.

Shuyu’s Pieces: Textile hoops, stoneware clay,
silk screened underglaze, glaze.
9cm dia. & 13.5cm dia.

Shuyu Lu is an artist in residence at Harbourfront Centre’s Studio in Toronto.  Born and raised in China, she works mainly on screen printing and embroidery.  These photos are from her series of screen printed/embroidered depictions of the city of Toronto through her eyes.

Aneela Dias D’Sousa at the Ontario Crafts Council

Aneela Dias D’Sousa is a sculptor, also at Harbourfront, who spent most of her life in India.  This is her website.

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