The Deco Buildings of the Post Office’s New Stamps

2011 Art Deco Stamps - Canada Post

For Art Deco fans, the Stamp Echo Blog is one of the best sites I’ve seen on this season’s Deco release from Canada Post. It’s a particularly good blog post because it goes through the history of the five Deco buildings being featured.  Have a look.

Meanwhile, I’m adding a quick look at these other Canada Post art design examples:  Parks Canada 100th Anniversary, three pieces by Daphne Odjig, a Canadian artist of Aboriginal ancestry, and the Inuit artist who remains my favorite – Kenojuak Ashevak.

She became a cultural icon after her Red Enchanted Owl appeared on a Canadian postage stamp in 1970, marking the first time a female Inuit artist’s work was displayed on a Canadian Stamp.  That’s another one of her owls on the banner for this blog – called Sun Owl and Foliage (1979).

Stamp by Kenojuak Ashevak, issued 1970

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