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Wanda Koop: Inspiration down the river by freighter

A film about Wanda Koop’s journey on a Great Lakes freighter is one of the screenings in the Canadian Women Artists Documentary Series at the Dalhousie Art Gallery in Halifax. The films offer intimate portraits of four notable contemporary Canadian women artists: Koop, Shuvinai Ashoona, Annie Pootoogook and Colette Urban. The works are from  Marcia Connolly and Katherine Knight, Toronto-based filmmakers who frequently collaborate.

In this film, the artist, cinematographer and director embark on a collaborative journey on the St. Lawrence River to live the atmosphere of Koop’s paintings of industrial sites, harbors, vistas and the color of sky and water in all light conditions.  This video shows clips of the one-hour TV documentary.


At the time of the journey, Koop is about to experience two 30-year career retrospectives and the visionary Canadian artist  is also preparing massive new paintings of her archetypal cities and familiar yet disquieting landscapes. Sketches, photos and moments of observation soon lead to a new group of  paintings.

Read more about the film here.

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