The Warp and Weft of Time: John MacGregor

Temporal Slip - Cutts Gallery

John MacGregor’s lifelong fixation on time led him to re-structure his view of clocks, which appear in his art as the fluid, un-regimented devices he would prefer.

“My clocks have been in the making for more than 30 years. They are an expression of my dissatisfaction with the traditional clock face as well as all of the notions behind that face.”

In The Warp and Weft of Time, his newest exhibit at b contemporary, in Hamilton, “chairs, clocks, tables and entire rooms undergo the distortions of time shifts,” the gallery notes, “even rifts in time/space, appearing simultaneously in multiple locations, or disappearing entirely into a vortex of line and color.”

Untitled (L) and Eternity 8

Cubism Reborn

Schrodinger's cat demystified

Ripple Time

Folded Time

Split Time

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