‘The art show you have to be crazy to enter’

Detail from "Frivolous Necessities" © Lorette C. Luzajic.

Touched by Fire showcases the work of artists with mood disorders in its 5th annual Toronto exhibition and sale.  The tagline is “the art show you have to be crazy to enter,” in colloquial reference to the relationship between mental illness and creativity.

Artists who suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar and other disorders participate. For many, social interaction can be stressful, and the event provides an opportunity to show work without having to cold-call galleries.

These are a few selections from the dozens of artists showing this year.  The works are online on the Touched by Fire gallery and there is a good feature on the program, here.

Oh Monday Morning - © Victoria Major

Hey John A New World Peace - © Barbara Greene Mann

Hospital - © Rebecca Bernstein

Pear Tree Petal in a Bird Path - © Dana Chevalier

Elder - © Michelle Bellerose

Fairies - © Karin Bolette Sonne

If you’re in Toronto, the exhibition and show takes place Thursday, Dec. 8 at Coopers Fine Art Gallery, upstairs, 111 Bathurst St. The event is run by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario


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  1. Stephanie Bennis

    This is such a neat idea for an art show. Reading its title, I didn’t realize it meant it literally! Because art is so much about what’s going on in your mind I think it would be fascinating to see these entries.


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