“In the end, a good story:” 8 NY Artists in Toronto

Lori Nelson’s narrative art is part of a fascinating new exhibit:  In the End, A Good Story is About All that Remains  at Toronto’s Fran Hill Gallery.  The imaginative works are by eight “story telling” artists from New York City, from the young and emerging to mid-career and old master.  Lori Nelson’s paintings are a good example, “with their mixture of fairytale magic and psychological facts,” the gallery notes.   (Above: Pretty on the Inside)

Go here  to see work samples and more on the other seven artists: Ernest Concepcion, Mary Hrbacek, Heidi Johnson, Jason Stopa, Scott Walden, Ejay Weiss and Steve Zolin.   The exhibit is meant to make you linger.

 While much art on view today is about spectacle and requires 3 seconds to both digest and forget, the art and artists in “A Good Story” linger lovingly, as well as imaginatively, on the wonders of everyday life, the so-called intricate workings of the world around us.

More of Lori Nelson’s art, below:

First Day on the Job

Not unlike Balzac’s La Comédie Humaine, Nelson’s figurative paintings  consist of a solitary person, deep in thought, surrounded by a world that is too much for them. – Fran Hill Gallery

Sick of it All

Fun Mom

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