The Fluency of Roksan Kohen

Roksan Kohen’s dynamic acrylics cover people, animals, fantasy environments and other settings, but she says she draws them all from an internal fluency that begins at some point, with every work.

While working I do not think. I stare into the blank surface until I see lines and points then I draw them as they appear on paper or canvas. I feel I fluently transfer the imagery revealed by personal and collective subconscious which I like to share with all. –Roksan Kohen

Born and brought up in Istanbul, she now lives in Vancouver, where an exhibition of her work ends this week at the District Foyer Gallery. Kohen’s work has also been featured by Saatchi online, a portal for international exposure.

Birdy in the City (above) is typical of her brightly colored quasi-animal style, which she segregates in a section of her professional website called “Regarding Others.” The Cherry Blossom (below) reflects her abstract treatments.

But it’s the imaginative surrealism / expressionism in pieces like Runner, below, that captures the most attention.

Kohen  says she also has an affinity for depicting crowds.  City-zen (detail below) is made up of tiny people.  She calls these works “Human Landscapes.”  This artist has an extensive body of sketches, as well – which I have posted on my Sketches & Jottings blog.  Feel free to jump over there and have a look.

(Photo Credit for Detail of City-Zen, above: Ryan Nussbacher Design Blog)

Full size City-zen, below

Roksan Kohen website

Roksan Kohen blog

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  1. Hi,
    Her art is certainly different, her paintings of the “human” form remind me a bit of the movie “Avatar”.

    I really like her painting city-zen, to me it shows how the big city’s can be full of chaos.


    • On her website, there’s a section I didn’t pull from with a whole different palette of green hues, which are equally beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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