New York, Paris, Berlin … Winnipeg?

The Prairie City’s Art Boom

The opening last summer of “My Winnipeg,” the exhibition of 73 artists at the prestigious La Maison Rouge in Paris, was just one confirmation that contemporary artists from the coldest reaches of Canada are heating up the art world.  Proof accumulates daily. Good Culture today named Winnipeg as one of eight North American cities experiencing an art boom – along with Mexico City and Washington, D.C. (Above: Bonnie Marin, Escaping the Farm, 2010. On Home Page: Royal Art Lodge, The Red River, 2008)

This video from the Paris show runs through the fascinating roster of art that makes Winnipeg unique.


At a time when the art world is said to be heading for globalization, la maison rouge is taking a closer look at centers of creativity with a little-known yet thriving arts scene, whose artists’ work is infused with the city and its territory, history and myths. –Maison rouge exhibition notes

-From the Facebook site of the Winnipeg Free Press

The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada’s oldest civic art gallery, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012-13, snagged the only Canadian stop on the American Chronicles tour, a heavily attended retrospective on The Art of Norman Rockwell, on through May.

Photo: Marianne Helm

Maclean’s Magazine, which last year placed Winnipeg 2nd in a list of Canada’s hottest art cities, (after Vancouver), notes the rise of architectural interest. Last month’s ice hut competition included the firm of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry as a builder of one of the warming structures at the historic Forks of the Assiniboine and Red rivers.

New York, Paris, Berlin . . . Winnipeg?” Maclean’s wrote at the time. “The capital of Manitoba (not T.O. or Montreal) has Canada’s second-hottest art scene. These days, when foreign art lovers talk about Canadian art, they generally mean western Canadian art.”

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