‘Graceful Arcs and Looped Lines’

Jorinde Voigt’s math and science based work got a lot of attention at The Armory Show in New York, the city where she is also having her U.S. debut this year at David Nolan Gallery in Chelsea. The German artist’s drawings (above, from her blog)  echo the grammatical structure of languages and the notation of music.

Piece for Words and Views XII, 2012 (detail)

Based in Berlin, she’s a rising star in Germany, known for unique drawings, as this excerpt from an extensive profile explains.

Voigt is best known for her graceful spiralling arcs and parallel looped lines, stretched and interwoven, bursting across the page as if caught up in a strange temporal chain reaction. Her meticulous drawings are schematic yet of the natural world, reminiscent of ocean current charts and water droplets falling in slow motion into a pool. – From a profile by Rory MacLean

21 Views Red/Apricot , 2011

Symphonic Area Var. 12, 2009

From a profile on her art on the Triangulation blog

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