Fiber and Paper

Peter Gentenaar: Paper Delights

Peter Gentenaar’s Street Baroque (above) is one of  his lyrical works  in hand-made paper that defy definition.  More than 100 of the ephemeral sculptures were hung in an abbey church at Saint-Riquier,  France,  in an exhibition that drew significant attention.

Gentenaar, based in The Netherlands, has a comprehensive set of installation photos of the French sculptures, here.   He also exhibits widely and installs in corporations.

Deloitte head office, Maastoren, Rotterdam

His latest exhibition at Koornmarktspoort began in January and ended last weekend.

Water Sleutel 3 x 1.5 meter on site at Koornmarktspoort, Kampen

Go here and here on his website for an explanation of the paper-making, stretching and drying procedures he uses to create sculptures that are precision built but delicate, comparable to a leaf.

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    • I would so love to have seen them installed. Someone who wrote about visiting the abbey said they were ethereal, like angels. I imagine. Thanks for your comment.


      • No, thank you for putting them – and all the other artists on your blog for us to see – thousands of us, I hope, since the Burning Octaous and the Z-Bee were Fully Pressed – congratulations. And thanks for taking the time to respond, I imagine you’ve been inundated with comments.


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