Darren MacPherson: Acrylics & Spray Paint

British artist Darren MacPherson has a growing reputation as a contemporary figurative artist whose  acrylic and spray paint works are bold and full of color.

Critics say his work is instantly recognizable and highly collectible, and have identified him as one of the U.K.’s rising art stars.

His participation in prestigious events such as Flag Stop in LA, The Other Art Fair in London  are cementing MacPherson’s name.  His painting, The Lyricist (below) was selected for the 2011 ‘National Open Art Exhibition.’

“I work in high key colors that can be converse, almost jarring,” MacPherson says.  “The use of color is intrinsic to my work, I rarely use black in my painting and use the negative space of the canvas only to enhance a finished image.”

All images via Darren MacPherson.

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