Alfonso Batalla: Existential Decay

Spanish photographer Alfonso Batalla’s Landscape Under Construction is a gripping series of bright, modern objects inserted into the darkness of decaying architecture. (Above, Prisoner Balls)

-The Joy of Bankruptcy

He considers this work existential, “showing the contradiction between ‘being oneself’ and ‘being there’ . . . and making the viewer wonder what is more real.”


-Nostalgic Garage

-Future after Tesla


Alfonso Battala’s website, here

Batalla on Facebook, here

One of the galleries handling Batalla’s work, here

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  1. I like it when people can’t shut up. That’s what life is about, passion and excitement. One quick thing about the early exploration of Canada. Among the many representative stories of the dark cruelty of life here in pre-prioneer times, the stories of The Black Robes (Jesuit priests) are among the most compelling. There’s a movie that is beautifully filmed and fascinating in its view of faith versus nature, called The Black Robe (1991). Sorry that I can’t immediately find a better link than this one at Amazon:


  2. This is a real treat you’ve served up to us. Not only your fav Mark Penxa, but this Spanish photographer, the Tim Storrier – an exciting, very Australian painting, despite it’s Bosch references, I think – it made me think of the explorer in Patrick White’s “Vos”, the young Iranian woman’s take on the no-mans land her countrywomen find themselves in; the Korean … in fact it is as I started out to say: you’ve served us up a real treat. Well me, anyway, on my little patch of paradise, soooo far away from the contemporary art scene, and now quite invigorated. Thanks. I’ll follow your blog if I may.


    • What a wonderful response to receive! First, it made me explore Vos, which I knew about but had really not considered. Thank you for that especially. Second, I am so genuinely pleased when someone finds inspiration or information here, and when I can connect with others. (I’ve been to your intriguing blog and will dive in more thoroughly later). I appreciate your comments very much, and also the follow.


      • Oh, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m happy you looked into Vos. The portrait White paints of the obsession, madness, of his explorer (based on the German Leichhart, I think) battling to survive the continent is dark and almost pathetically tragic, but the concept of the grand adventure, the bravado and high heroism of the times which Storrier parallels for his own journey kept immediately to mind. Shame to say I know little detail of Canada’s early explorers – but I do have a sense of similar – though for opposing reasons – unimaginable odds. Sometimes life can be like that too, it seems. On a lighter note, I have to say it was when I got to the Batalla photographs that I just couldn’t shut up and had to make a comment (my other comments came later, when I scrolled around a second time). As I said, it was very exciting to see all this strong new work (and to learn who’d won the Archibald this year – I’d missed it and forgot to follow it up). So, what i was trying to say is it’s I who thank you, but I’m pleased my enthusiasm pleased you!


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