Fiber and Paper

Layering & Weaving: Paper Paintings

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s love of collage started with a scrapbox of mementos from childhood, triggering the journey to the works she does today from torn bits of hand-painted papers.  (Above, Jazz Singer)

-Fine Feathers

My technique has evolved as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made and a wide variety of textured and patterned papers. Layering and weaving, pushing and pulling the colors, patterns and values makes collage liken to music.  I go back and forth, alternating and overlapping until the rhythm creates something I love. –Artist Statement

-Deja Brew

-Out to Pasture

Her Facebook, here.

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    • Yes I wholeheartedly agree. The colors are especially gripping. This is particularly difficult work, I imagine, but it works beautifully. Thank you for your comment.


  1. I love these! I’m always looking for inspiration to try new things… Might attempt something similar 🙂


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