Homa Arkani: West-Crazed Women in Iran

Iranian artist Homa Arkani’s pop art portraits portray the socio-cultural issues faced by a generation of disillusioned women.  Born after the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, she says the young women so outlandishly featured in her Share Me series “represent a people caught between traditional values and mores, and their own distorted visions of the West.”   Above: Make Me Drunk, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 170 cm

Share Me, Oil on Canvas, |150×100 cm

Oscillating between the rules and strictures of everyday reality (imposed by family, school, society, state and religion) and the relaxed and exuberant world of fantasies (constructed by Western media), members of this generation have gradually transformed into grotesque and ridiculous features on the verge of beauty and repugnance. –  Review by Combiz Moussavi-Aghdam, Art University of Tehran.

Just for You, Oil on Canvas,|170×100 cm

Art Club gallery, which represents her, notes that Homa Arkani’s subjects “voraciously consume Western celebrity culture, although in striving to be like the glitzy superstars whose faces grace their TV screens, they have instead become their exaggerated, superlative, and hugely artificial inferiors.”

Dance with Me, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

…. With the taste of Chocolate, Oil on Canvas, |120×200 cm

Homa Arkani’s Facebook on the Show Me series, here.

Her website, here.

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