Month: April 2012

The Underwater Art of Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Museum of Underwater Modern Art is doing an important  job: helping to generate coral to convert the life-size sculptures of  British artist Jason deCaires Taylor into new artificial reefs.  The figures are slowly changing in appearance as marine life develops. The 400  forms, anchored 25 feet below […]

Tony Calzetta: Abstract Funnies

Tony Calzetta’s distinctive language of bold, simplified forms blend color, texture and lines to create works that challenge the imagination.  Toronto’s De Luca Fine Art has a new collection of his large-scale canvasses and drawings on exhibition. “It was Paul Klee who wrote of taking a line for […]

Orsi Horváth: A Surreal Perspective

Hungarian artist Orsi Horváth takes a surrealist approach to her art, with influences from popular culture. Her inspiration comes from Pop art,  rock bands, film noir  and science fiction, and from artists ranging from Caravaggio to Andy Warhol. (Above: Mum; Below: Army) “My biggest quest of course is to […]

Patrick Kyle: Wowee Zonk

Canadian illustrator and comic creator Patrick Kyle is well known internationally for his humorous characters lumbering through a parallel world ruled by nomadic Proto-punks. He is also a widely used contributor to major publications.  (Above: Future Punk, 2012) -From Earthen Heads exhibition at Mishka, New York City, Fall […]

Illustrating Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman’s epic American poetry is the fulcrum for a photography exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts through the end of this year.  In 1941, influential photographer Edward Weston was invited to illustrate Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, inspiring Weston and his wife, Charis, on a cross-country […]

Myles Katherine: ‘Cold Shoulder’

I fell in love with this photograph tonight while browsing the wonderful website of Myles Katherine. “Cold Shoulder,” her ephemeral image from a trip to Scotland, is mesmerizing. The shot will appear in an exhibit opening May 4 at Black Box Gallery in Portland Oregon. Myles Katherine is […]