Montserrat: ‘The Mountain was like This’

These large-scale watercolors, 3-D paperworks and linoleum prints by Lynne McIlvride Evans flow from her time at Can Serrat Artist Residency, at the foot of Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain. The powerful mysticism of the mountain had a profound impact on her work. (Above: Montserrat Mountain, )

-Cirque (a bowl-shaped indentation in a mountain).

“Montserrat is a visually outlandish mountain chain made up of strangely sinuous, suggestive forms and a surface of pink conglomerate stone,” she says. “It is the rhythm of the mountain that speaks to me. I have never seen a landscape with so much arrested movement.”

-Snow on Montserrat

Every morning for a month I would hike and sketch the mountain and every night I would paint it. This body of work represents the emotional response of an outsider grappling with the physical and cultural vertigo of an overwhelming and myth-laden landscape. –Lynne McIlvride Evans

-New Years 2012

-Montserrat Panorama: On arches hot-press watercolor paper, a composite of sketches, 2′ x 7′.

She says she is “interested in the superabundance of pattern in this particular landscape: the rhythm of the foliage; the mosaic of conglomerate stone; the striations in the rock; the formations that are ancient movement, arrested.”

-Feliç Reys

The Mountain was like This, 5′ x 5′ x 4′, watercolor and ink on paper sculpture construction

Lynne McIlvride Evans holds an annual show on Easter Weekend in her studio at Port Perry, north of Toronto. Her website and her Facebook contain more information on her wide variety of works.

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  1. Yesterday I watched Midnight In Paris and I thought of you. We are all seeking something that defines our lives. You are exposing us to the beauty creativity of this moment in time. Without you I would never know of these things! Thank you!


    • Bonnie – Your comment is a wonderful gift, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for that beautiful sentiment. (My eyes smarted!) I am so pleased when people I have as much time for as I do for you find a reward in the art on this blog.


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