Trayvon Tribute Art is Everywhere

Street artist Justin Nether created this tribute mural of  Trayvon Martin in Baltimore, with the Skittles the Florida teenager had gone to the store for superimposed in the lower right-hand corner. It’s one of dozens of pieces of art circulating now amid widespread protests over the case. (Handout photo Justin Nether)

This poster by artist Tes One on 1xrun raises funds for the family’s legal fight, via the Justice for Trayvon Charity.

I created “Stand Our Ground” for people – regardless of race or gender, to stand in solidarity against the injustice . . . adding awareness to the Trayvon Martin tragedy, and aiding his family in their pursuit of justice. -Tes One

Huffington Post runs a slideshow, including this one by street artist BluDog10003.  See all those tributes, here.

Photo of Trayvon Martin, from a good blog post explaining Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law

And in Minneapolis-St. Paul, artist Catherine Johnson wants hoodies, as many as you can send her, for an art tribute still in the works.  Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he was killed, and people angered by the shooting have adopted the garment as a symbol of protest.

Johnson says her “Stand Your Ground for Trayvon Martin” installation will have hundreds of hoodies,   “as a means of participation as One – lifting one’s voice.”  She says it will be a ‘hall of lament’ for Trayvon.  Go here for more on that project, to be held end of April.

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