Jenny Okun: Dreamscape Photo Art

Jenny Okun’s stunning photo art is on exhibit at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, California, a display of her exquisite digitally manipulated multiple exposures.

Okun’s extensive travels provide continuing inspiration for her work. English garden mazes become even more twisted into strange Alice in Wonderland curiosities – Craig Krull Gallery

Here, the Art Nouveau, Spanish Gothic spires of Antonio Gaudi’s Barcelona cathedral  “are montaged into a chimera of organic abstraction,” the gallery notes.  (Image at top of post: the Gaudi Garden)

For 20 years, Okun has been recognized for her multiple exposure photographic abstractions of architecture made with a medium format camera. In recent years, she has shifted to layering her works digitally and creating more complex montages on a broader range of subjects. (Below, the clock at Grand Central Station in New York City. Above: Jain Temple, India).

Okun will be signing her new book, “Dreamscapes: the Photographic Art of Jenny Okun” published by Five Ties, at the opening reception.

Jenny Okun’s website, here.

On exhibit at Craig Krull Gallery, here.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I think there will be a lot of different faves with this artist (mine is the b&w temple shot) because she’s so broad ranging. But that clock is definitely gorgeous.


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