Bev Hogue: Pop Surrealism in Blue

Bev Hogue’s Blue Women paintings have been a hit for a decade now, expanding over time into clothing, shoes,  accessories and skins for cellphones and laptops.

Hogue says her  women “have the confidence to disconnect momentarily and the discipline to command the moment. Their daydreams take them to other worlds, but they have their feet on the ground.”

Hogue is worth a close look, due to her expanding North American presence. Her blue portraits originally were 12×12″ acrylic studies. “The attention they received,” Hogue  says, “led to larger work, exhibitions throughout the world and the establishment of my Beluxe brand of clothing, jewellery, decor and sport gear. ”  (Above: Black Fawn)

-From a feature in Juxtapoz

The Canadian-based artist’s charity involvement includes the ongoing Art & Sole event.  Her Icing Sugar shoe is traveling with the other  artist shoe designs to Berlin, New York City and back to Los Angeles in June, when the auction concludes.  Money raised goes to Soles 4 Souls.

-Shoes by Hogue  for the international Art & Sole charity auction sponsored by Juxtapoz Magazine and Iron Fist, Hogue’s partner for the clothing segment of her art products.

The Beluxe website, here.

More about Bev Hogue  here.

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