A Canadian’s Chicago

Writer and photographer Joe Fantauzzi has a host of great shots from Toronto, where he lives and works, but his images of Chicago caught my attention because that city is special to me. I went to journalism school there, and did novice reporting at the Sun-Times suburban papers for a time. (Above: Rookery Lines / inside the Frank Lloyd Wright renovation of a landmark Chicago building)

This scene – In Transit – captures the rough-edged,mid-American feel of the city.  Below, The El, in all its sleek, silver beauty.  Fantauzzi says photos for the series, Notes From The Streets Of Chicago, were chosen primarily to display how the city’s architecture works with humanity, and isn’t just another bypassed urban backdrop.

Above, Cloud Gate, British artist Anish Kapoor‘s first public outdoor work in the United States, a 110-ton sculpture of seamless, polished, stainless steel plates, which reflect Chicago’s famous skyline.  This city knows about art in public spaces – from Calder mobiles to figures by Henry Moore.

Caution, a slice of Chicago life.

Fantauzzi’s well-developed eye is reflected in all his work. See his full portfolio at Fantauzzi Fotography, here.  He’s on Twitter @streetlamplight.

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  1. Very nice and a special post to me as well – I live an hour north of Chicago and have seen these in real life! Funny that at present I am visiting an hour west of Toronto as well.


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