Month: June 2012

The Family as a Wild Adventure

Julie Blackmon photographs scenes she carefully orchestrates with members of her own family, saturated with the “fantasies and realities of domesticity.” Her works cover the sacred moments and wild adventures of a large tribe.  She is superb at communicating the mythic attributes of a family along with the […]

Susan Dobson: An eye for alienation

Canadian photo-based artist Susan Dobson covers suburban culture, architecture, and landscape in a portfolio that takes on everything from the rising moon to toy-strewn basements.  Her sharp observations on urban development and alienation have brought her international recognition.  (Above: Flight Path, from the series Dislocation) End of the […]

Tintype Surfers & Lost Places

American photographer Joni Sternbach is well known for Surfland, a series of unique tintype portraits and seascapes along America’s coasts. She also captures abandoned places, the ocean, the sky and other vistas. Sternbach uses a wet-plate collodion process, introduced in the 1850s. The 8×10″ aluminum plate is hand-coated […]

Tara Dougans: ‘And a Bee Sting’

The thing about Canadian-born, London-based Tara Dougans is that she’s so out there, it’s possible to miss her altogether.  But sites like Trendland have been following this edgy art director and illustrator for several years and she’s now a bit of a sensation. Her first short film, ‘Beware […]

Annie Terrazzo: Headlines

Annie Terrazzo’s new show, Headlines, is a set of works exploring classic portraiture, infused with abstract art and surrealism. She paints on painstakingly assembled newspaper headlines from around the world. (Above: Future) -Illusions -Journeying -Pulse -Girls I Have Known -Discoveries -Installation View Annie Terrazzo website, here. Her Facebook, here.