Yayoi Kusama: Flowers that Bloom

Yayoi Kusama is an 82-year-old Japanese avant-garde artist known for her obsession with dots, and more recently, for her collaborative designs with Louis Vuitton.  These large sculptures are Fiberglass reinforced plastic, metal and all-weather urethane paint, from her series Flowers that Bloom at Midnight and Flowers that Bloom Tomorrow.  (The one above, for example, is approximately 71 x 71  x 105 inches )

  Kusama, who lives in a Tokyo psychiatric hospital, pictured at her recent exhibition at Tate Modern

-Size: each, approximately 190 x 78 x 79 inches

-At Sotheby’s Beyond Limits, 9-foot-tall flower

-From her exhibit in Queensland, Australia

-An intro Kusama video, issued by Louis Vuitton when the fashion collaboration was announced.

-From the Fractal Art blog

-At Victoria Miro, from Azito, the Japanese online journal of contemporary art.

Kusama was born in Japan and moved to New York in 1957, where she became associated with the abstract expressionist movement. In the sixties, she got into pop art and famously organized a series of “Body Festivals” where she painted nude participants with polka dots. She moved back to Japan in 1973 and has been voluntarily living in a mental hospital since 1977, where she has continued to make visual art and sculpture as well as publish several novels, a poetry collection, and an autobiography. – From New York Fashion’s article on Kusama’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Kusama’s website is here.

An excellent website on Kusama, by Louis Vuitton, here.

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  1. Emotions are best expressed through a flower. This is a universal symbol of committed friendship, bond and love. A present of freshly cut bunch of flowers and fragrance that comes with very sniff is worth a thousand words.


  2. Fascinating, inspiring, beautiful. I think you’re saying I can see some of this at Tate Modern? If so, groovy – I’m going s-o-o-o-o-n (dotty, ya get me?). Living in a mental hospital voluntarily… bizarre and intriguing…


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