A Twist on Flags for the 4th of July

I love this contemporary twist on the Stars & Stripes as a celebration of the 4th of July, from Artspace. These flags are part of a series by interdisciplinary artist Warren Neidich, whose disruptions of the flag are meant to alter the perception of a beloved icon.  (Above: Black Hole, his vertigo-inducing optical illusion)

 Weird Wave, 2012

Great Wall, 2012

Organ, 2012

Warren Neidich’s work engages outside fields such as sociology, politics, and cognitive neuroscience. A writer, curator, and organizer, Neidich regularly employs participatory elements, such as his recent politically-charged installation, Book Exchange, in which gallery visitors were invited to take a book that had allegedly been censored in exchange for one of their own books, but only one with a red book jacket or cover. He recently embarked on a year-long exploration of the parking lot as a canvas.

The Artspace display page for all Warren Neidich’s flags, here.

Warren Neidich’s website, here

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