David Burdeny: Haunting & Meditative

Winnipeg-born David Burdeny’s architecture and design degrees influence his compelling photographs, including these from his latest series, Traverse.  He started to photograph the prairie landscape at age 12, making his own black and white prints in a makeshift darkroom.  Primarily self-taught, he produces works that have been described as ominous, haunting and meditative.  (Above: Sweepers, West Lake Hangzhou, China )

“This past year, I found myself in the privileged position of working in China, Burma, Cambodia, and Hawaii, traversing across a varied landscape of urban and rural environments. The resulting photographs are a response to my personal sense of wonder about these places, and their inhabitants. Less a linear narrative and more a catalogue of singular moments, this series emphasizes the instant where light, form, texture and colour come together on a particular day.”  –David Burdeny  (Above: Mesh, South China Sea)

-Blue Door II, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

-Shanghai Skyline

-Seaweed Farm, South China Sea

-Water Taxis, Vietnam

-Floating Village, Cambodia

-Man Watching Surf, Maui, Hawaii

-Lone Windsurfer, Hawaii

David Burdeny website, here.

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