Wijnanda Deroo’s New York Eateries

Wijnanda Deroo does interiors – restaurants, bedrooms, the insides of public buildings, homes, factories, hotels. Her evocative series, Inside New York Eateries, at Robert Mann Gallery, was an important addition to the photographic history of New York. Some are well-known icons. (Above: Relish, 225 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn)

The Russian Tea Room, 150 West 57th Street

Tavern on the Green, Central Park

Papaya Dog, 42nd & 9th Avenue

Jerry’s, 90 Chambers Street

Milon, 93 First Avenue

“This Dutch photographer understands that restaurants are fictions we inhabit, stage sets on which we enact dramas of eating, and presents them in a stylish but straightforward manner, inviting us to select which roles we want to play.” –Wall Street Journal review.

The River Room, Riverbank State Park, 145th Street

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, Grand Central Terminal

This last shot of the Oyster Bar has sentimental memories, as the first place my parents stopped, just off the train from Toronto, when we first began annual Easter visits to New York when I was a young child.  Many of Deroo’s images would have similar memories for others.  Deroo was born in The Netherlands and is now U.S.-based.

Wijnanda Deroo’s website, here.

Robert Mann Gallery, here.

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