Dear Teacher: Art of the Letter

Elfie Kalfakis, a designer, teacher and artist, has put together a great mail art project offering the opportunity to express feelings which often go unsaid between students and their teachers. Her Dear Teacher blog posts these anonymous letters to teachers who made a difference (or not).

Kalfakis recently completed her thesis for a Master of Architecture at University of Waterloo, an online document (click here) that you can browse for another kind of art.  She’s created posters, schematics and all kinds of other work in the fascinating document.  See her full C.V. here.

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  1. I’m currently instructing. We get critics at the end of the week. I had the most knife-sticking critique on my very first one, and I felt so horrible. No matter how much I want to just ignore it, it’s those negative feedback that help and the positives ones are the ones that makes me feel accomplished. I sometimes wish my students are kids ….

    … or bloggers. BWAHAHAHAHA


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