Jeff Koegel: A Contemporary Edge

Jeff Koegel’s architectural style paintings have an appealing contemporary edginess.  His work draws from a range of models such as Byzantine icon painting, Aboriginal art, American folk art, high modernism, technical schematics, tattoos and Ikebana. (Above: Penthouse)

“Making a painting is a process about building, layer over layer,” Koegel says. “I think this is why my images are always architectural, regardless of what’s being depicted.” (Above:  Detail of thoreau to kaczynski, acrylic, pumice, graphite and asphaltum on acetate 16-1/2 x 28-1/2 in)

Meadowbelly, detail: acrylic and pumice on canvas over 2 panels 48 x 72 in. overall

Cascade, acrylic and pumice on canvas over 2 panels, 60 x 45 in

Shaman’s Trash Heap, acrylic and pumice on linen over panel, 48 x 36 in

Koegel studied art and architecture at Cal Poly University, Pomona and Cal State University, Fullerton. He worked with clients such as Apple, Bayer, Coca Cola, Duracell and others out of his independent design office for 12 years. In 2001, Koegel shifted his production solely to painting. His work has shown at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Laguna Art Museum and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

Jeff Koegel’s website is here.

He’s on Behance, here.

  • It was the fine eye of the artistic chef who writes the Tiny Kitchen Stories blog who brought this artist to my attention. So appreciated.

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