The Mother of Psychedelic Art

These images by Marijke Koger-Dunham, revered as the force behind psychedelic art, are from freedom, a retrospective on her career at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles. She created album art and costumes for The Beatles, painted Eric Clapton’s guitar and painted the mural on the Aquarius theater that debuted the musical “Hair.”

Aquarius Theatre, then the largest mural in the world, created with Los Angeles art students

Marijke and her partner Seemon Posthuma started designing clothes and posters in Amsterdam around 1964. The clothiers and their wares were photographed and published in The Times (London). The duo opened a studio, formed a design collective and band called The Fool, along with artists Barry Finch and Josje Leeger.

“Her groundbreaking murals, prints, paintings, fashion design and forays into music were all on display for a crowd eager to experience the roots of late sixties pop art and the oeuvre of a woman who could easily be dubbed the godmother of psychedelia.” From a review of the Los Angeles opening.

Marijke-themed playlist on Spotify

The artist’s website, here.

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  1. Great stuff! I have always loved the Incredible String Band cover (it was the best of all their covers), and these other images are fantastic as well…


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