Month: August 2012

The Art of Soup: Campbell’s channels Andy Warhol

Labels reminiscent of the revered soup works of pop artist Andy Warhol appear on 1.2 million special-edition cans of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup at Target stores starting Sunday. -Vintage: The famous Campbell’s soup print by Warhol initially provoked a consideration of legal action at Campbell’s before the company […]

Christi Belcourt: Honouring the Spirit

Christi Belcourt is one of Canada’s preeminent Métis visual artists.  One of her designs was selected this summer to be rendered into stained glass and installed in the House of Commons in Ottawa.  The work is in honour of residential school students and  families. Belcourt celebrates the beauty […]

Cricket’s Knee, Spider’s Skin

You don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate the power over nature of an electron microscope.  These massively magnified shots are humbling, often puzzling, even disorienting. (Above: Mosquito eyes)  These images are distributed by FEI Company, which produces electron microscopes for nanoscale research by scientists, engineers […]

Adrian Williams: ‘Unrolled Telescopes’

Hamilton native Adrian Williams, an original member of Winnipeg’s Royal Art Lodge, usually draws on paper or wood and uses collage, paint, varnish and other miscellaneous material. Like many of the Lodge’s members, Williams normally incorporates a variety of media into his work, including found objects and consumer […]

Drainspotting in Japan

Leave it to Japan to put manhole covers into a street beautification program, creating art that is now a national obsession. Examples of the stunning drain covers are collected in Drainspotting, a book by British-Australian artist and film director Remo Camerota, who also blogs about them, here.  The […]

The Power Suit: Graffiti Style

Toronto artist Sam Shuter is fascinated by the suit. In bold colors, influenced by street art, stenciling and graffiti, she paints the strong lines of power dressing without revealing the faces of the men behind them. “[The suit] has represented something for decades; power, productivity, strength, economic prosperity, and hard work,” the […]