Doug Owen’s Urban Horses

Sculptor Doug Owen scours junkyards for the parts that become his irreverent, urban horses. The Arizona artist’s creations are in private collections and public spaces in seven countries.  His unique treatments reflect centuries of fixation on the horse by hundreds of artists, including Picasso – who was captivated by prehistoric horse drawings on the walls of  caves.  See a great series of flip-books on Owen’s work and background, here.  He’s featured in an exhibition in St. Helena, California this month at Caldwell Snyder.

Doug Owen’s website, here.

A slide show of work at Caldwell Snyder Gallery, which represents him, here.

(Note: Click on any image of a sculpture to start the gallery’s slide show)

A good video on Doug Owen’s art, here.

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  1. I’m amazed at the skill here: creating something so ‘right’ and alive-looking from such unforgiving inorganic material. It’s all in the smallest detail of conformation and pose. This man certainly knows horses. Love it.


  2. I love these and wish I had lots of money and space and could have one in my yard! He has the “horseness” down pat and all the proportions so that he can then play with the rest. Only someone who actually knew horses could get away with this – I just love these!


    • I so agree. I would love one on my property. If you watch the video, he does very small ones, that could go in a house, but unfortunately, they’re just as expensive as the big ones.


      • The video is wonderful. It’s always nice to see the artist him/herself talking about their own work. The small horses are fabulous, but almost the same amount of work, so I guess that explains the cost. Oh, well . . . maybe when I’m rich and famous? LOL!


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