Paul Béliveau’s ‘Pictorial Archeology’

Quebec artist Paul Béliveau paints culturally significant artifacts such as his own book collection, creating ‘pictorial archeology’ in work that references a database of thousands of personal and historical photographs.

Béliveau says, “I like to use painted books as a strategy against loss, even though worn books evoke the passage of time and reveal one’s own finiteness.” –Winsor Gallery, Vancouver

Paul Béliveau’s website, here.

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  1. Interesting; not sure how I feel about this as art, and I always welcome feeling unsure as a kind of portal into wider vision…so, thank you! Certainly, Mr. Beliveau is making choices regarding color, theme, design, and it’s intriguing.


    • I’m with you on the uncertainty. And I probably did his talent a disservice by just posting the book-literary works. He certainly does other wonderful work. But I was taken by the precision/reality of these.


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