Marcelo Suaznabar: Surreal Narratives

Surrealist narratives dominate the work of Marcelo Suaznabar, who moved to Canada in 2001 from Bolivia.  His early works focused on religious themes and then, he discovered the force of colour. He explored an “apocalypse” phase and now the Bolivian altiplano landscape is also evident in his work.  He says the memory of the wild scenery haunts him.  See his work at the Bartlett Gallery (a fine day trip from Toronto) through this weekend.

In my work I introduce symbolic elements in an allegorical way. In this fashion, I interpret the temptations and passions of the soul in dreams. My concern is with ecological problems produced by man in his constant fight of ambition and obsession for power. -Artist Statement via Spence Gallery.

Marcelo Suaznabar’s website, here.

At Spence Gallery, Toronto, here.

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  1. I really love the colors. I do not know how to say it in words… There’s something about those images that remind me of “Alice in the Wonderland”.


    • I can see why these remind you of Alice in Wonderland (especially the newest surrealistic movie version with Johnny Depp!). Good catch, interesting observation.


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