Bryan Adams to release first photography book

Canadian rock icon Bryan Adams is also a well-known photographer, but his portraits of famous friends like Dustin Hoffman, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse have previously been collected only in limited edition charity books.  Now the Run to You singer is releasing Exposed, his first book of celebrity photography, in September. Elton John, a noted collector of photography, wrote the foreword. (Above: Adams © Bryan Adams)

Exposed is currently on exhibit (images from the book) at the Museum of Multimedia in Moscow and will also show in Dallas, London and other cities through 2013.  Bryan Adams website, here.

There are 6 comments

  1. anngrafics

    I never knew! Cool. I was surprised at :57 in the video to see Die Antwort, a band my kids listen to. Crazy music. Neat photography. Not many get access to such subjects.


        1. anngrafics

          I didn’t either until my kids made me listen to a few of their songs. Interesting, but I don’t want to listen to them for long. Gives me a headache – LOL!


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