Gray Malin: Bliss from the air

Gray Malin’s compelling photography began as a Los Angeles flea market venture. He captured attention in the celebrity and interior design circuit and now has a major fine art photo company.  A one-time aide to the president of Paramount Pictures, the young Hollywood-based artist shot these summer bliss photos from doorless helicopters around the world. (Above: Bondi Beach, Australia / click on an image to see larger version)

Bronte Baths, Australia

Blue & Yellow Chairs, Miami

Nude Beach, North America.

Malibu kayaks

Caribbean Marsh

St. Tropez Tahiti Club

End of Copacabana Beach / Below, Bondi Beach Swimmers

Gray Malin’s website, here.

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  1. Now that I revisit this today, I am struck by how, when it’s not prescribed as in photo 7, we humans position ourselves in relation to those around us. I still love these. 🙂


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