Ellen Greene: The Tattoo’d Glove

Ellen Greene has been painting subversive imagery on vintage gloves since the 1990s.  The heavily inked artist explores the repressive implications of gloves with tattoo-inspired art.  Her work goes on exhibit this fall in a show called “Invisible Mother’s Milk” at Packer-Schopf gallery, Chicago.

The custom-printed gloves are etched with old-school sailor-style tattoos historically delegated to men, but refashioned to express contemporary feminine power.  “I see the gloves as representative of social norms– conformity and chastity,” Greene says. “The tattoo images represent the underside or shadow experience of that woman who wore those gloves.”  (Above: I Could Not Save You / Below: Miss Placed)

This work, called “Omi Wise,” was inspired by a murder ballad of the same name. “I have always been drawn to this song,” Greene says. “Its haunting lyrics tell a chilling tale.”

Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon, and Soon You’ll Need a Man . . .

Love Doll, one of Greene’s wearable editions.

Ellen Greene’s website, here.

Her Facebook, here.

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