Cricket’s Knee, Spider’s Skin

You don’t have to be a science geek to appreciate the power over nature of an electron microscope.  These massively magnified shots are humbling, often puzzling, even disorienting. (Above: Mosquito eyes)

 These images are distributed by FEI Company, which produces electron microscopes for nanoscale research by scientists, engineers and other professionals. Click an image to see photo credits.  (Above: Skin of a spider)

Tardigrade (water bear)

Knee of a cricket’s hind leg


Morpho Butterfly Wing

FEI’s Flickr site, here.

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  1. Just amazing. And it might be obvious, but to get images from things this small to look this good, this well lit and exposed, is no “small” feat!
    I’m wondering, too, how small can you go? Take those little yellow dots on the spider skin – what if you blew those up and saw what was on them? Just. Fascinating.


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