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The Voyage: Identity and Displacement

The Voyage is a collection of 60 drawings done over two years (2010-11) exploring memory, identity and displacement and how  dreams, fables and stories capture essential truths and experiences. These works by U.K. artist Andrzej Jackowski are on exhibition through Oct. 2 at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London. Jackowski’s autobiographical approach is fascinating. (Click on images to go to gallery site, with exhibition notes)

Jackowski was born in Wales in 1947 to parents who were Polish refugees and spent the first 11 years of his life in a refugee camp near Crewe. Much of his work is based on his early childhood memories, recollections of a family history in Poland and the feeling of alienation and enclosure that these experiences triggered.

Jackowski  studied at Camberwell School of Art, Falmouth School of Art and in the 1970s, at the Royal College of Art. He became Professor of Painting at the University of Brighton in 2003 and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

Brief profile of Andrzej Jackowski, via University of Brighton, here.

Jackowski’s works at Purdy Hicks, London, here.

A website about Jackowski’s works (by Richard Sedley – see his comment, below), here.

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  1. I remember first seeing Jackowski’s work about 25 years, when I was at art college. He’s an artist that has followed his own path and stayed true to himself over those years. A few years ago I created a web of his work which I hope will give people an over view for his body of work.


  2. HIs work reminds me of Romare Beardon’s, who also used the theme of displacement, although Beardon worked with collage. These are interesting pieces.


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