Animating Carl Sagan on the Voyager 1 Anniversary


If you’re Canadian, you’re likely aware that Sheridan College, west of Toronto, is globally known for its animation program.  Recent grad Adam Winnick has been gaining profile from his animated adaptation of Carl Sagan’s seminal Pale Blue Dot. Winnick produced it as his grad thesis in 2011.  The savvy four-minute short is back in circulation this month, because it’s the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager 1.

-Above: Fine art print of text from the Sagan book, Pale Blue Dot

Voyager was sent to explore the outer Solar System and carried with it the Golden Record, an ultimate mixtape of humanity’s sounds that was also a record of how Carl Sagan and Annie Druyan fell in eternal love. (See this longer piece on Brain Pickings, one of my favorite blogs.)

Adam Winnick on Vimeo, here.

His website, here.


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  1. Resa McConaghy

    Pale Blue Dot rocks! Sheridan College, my Alma mater, rocks. (Honors Graduate, “Fashion Design and Technology”) Sheridan College has since suspended the Fashion Course and expanded the animation course.


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