The Aching Beauty of a Fall Studio Tour

The next four weekends deliver up a burst of studio tours, back road journeys that fill the soul with art, fall colors and contentment.  I’ve been doing two or three each autumn for many years, and always end my weekends with a sense of wonder at what artists do.  I also find the trek from barn to shed to studio along country lanes an achingly beautiful experience in my favorite season.  I encourage you to find one in your area.  Dozens of tours take place from this weekend onward, so have a look at  this Pinterest board I’ve put together with some studio  journey examples.

NOTE:  If  you know of a great fall studio tour, tell me its name or leave a link in the comments below, and I’ll add it to the Pinterest board. (Image at top of post is Marni Martin, Muskoka studio tour):

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  1. Hi! Studio tours are my favorite event, too! I am one of the art studios participating in the Canmore Studio and Gallery Tour as part of Alberta Culture Days on Sept. 29 & 30, 2012 here in the Canadian Rockies. ( Thanks for spreading the word on your wonderful blog!


  2. heya boomeron!

    i’ll be part of a studio tour called apples&art.
    it encompasses cornwall, ON & area. our local art
    gallery will sending a link to the brochure soon.

    sorry i haven’t had time to add my thoughts lately.
    summer on the st. lawrence was just too beautiful
    to be inside in the darkest room of our house!!

    thanks again for your wonderful & inspiring site, michelle


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