Sonia King’s Coded Mosaic Message

Well known contemporary mosaic artist Sonia King hopes you’ll find your own meaning in her exceptional work: Coded Message: Invisible Ink. The tesserae in this large mosaic are fixed without visible adhesive on a hand-formed surface, reminiscent of rumpled piece of parchment. “This offers the possibility that the message could change at any moment or even be erased,” she says. “Viewers can decode the work, finding their own meaning.”

King says she’s recently been thinking about coded messages, cryptic communications, misunderstandings, unspoken thoughts, static sounds, secrets, and undercurrents. “I’m fascinated by the contrast between overt communications and possible subtexts. In our complex, information-packed world, it’s difficult to decipher the true meaning of so many conflicting messages.” The piece contains glass, ceramic, white gold, smalti, quartz, silver, marble, rock crystal, seashell, pearls, aluminum, selenite, abalone, pebbles, stainless steel, bone, coral, fluorite, dinosaur bone, mirror on a hand-formed substrate applied without visible adhesive (35.5″h x 25.5″w, 2011)

Images are © Sonia King, from her website Mosaic Works.

More about her award-winning work, here.

Sonia King on Facebook, here.

A three-minute video interview, here.

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