Wild About the West

I don’t know exactly what makes David Wilder’s art so compelling.  Maybe some of his eclectic background gets infused into his work.  Self taught, the Arizona-based Wilder focus on every aspect of the American West. (Above:  Road to Jerome, commissioned for a cafe in the artist colony of Jerome, Arizona / Below: The Imaginary West)

Above: Tres Amigos (in progress) / Below: Monsoon Over Coffee Pot Rock

Above: Different Drummer / Below: Quarter Horse

Dave Wilder (in his studio, above) – his website, here.

His Tumblr, here.

On Facebook, here.

On Twitter @WilderArts

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  1. Reblogged this on Spiffy and commented:
    Such detailed and colorful art by David Wilder! My, my; one has to just ‘analyse’ it long enough to see the level of detail and the beauty hidden in them…. The skillful use of shades balance the images between contrast and ‘blend’ very nicely.


  2. wow, these are very amazing indeed….. As a fellow artist, I can only guess that how time consuming this must have been; but the end result is worth all the hard work…. wow…. I’m gonna reblog it!


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