Mixed Media

Philip Durst: Quilt Style Collages from Cast-Offs

Texas lawyer Philip Durst creates collages, drawn to the pattern and repetition that are also the hallmarks of quilting.  Just as quilts were traditionally made with scraps and left-over fabrics, Durst works with cast-off paint chips, books, candy boxes, and other packaging . (Above: Mothra, We Hardly Knew Ye 33×40.75” comic books, packaging)

-Double, Double, This, This (II), Starbucks coffee cups, packaging, law book pages

-High and Lonesome (I) 34×35”, dum dum wrappers

Brutal Opposition of All Systems, 23”x31.5“ mixed packaging

Revolt of the Silesian Weavers 26 x 22”, paper, paint

When not creating art, Durst practices employment and civil rights law, and teaches as an adjunct law professor at University of Texas law school.

Philip Durst’s Instagram, here.

Images are from the Davis Gallery in Austin, Texas, here.

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  1. The art was simply amazing. Innovative. It was said that he’s a lawyer. Have he thought of changing profession? His works are awesome!


  2. First off – I like looking at these and appreciate the upcycled materials he uses. Second, I like that he’s an artist and a lawyer, stereotypically not usually seen together, though he still has the rule/repetition thing going on that I would think of as a lawyer/artist – LOL! Nice use of color.


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