Mixed Media

Elena Nuez: Painted Autumn Glory

These painted leaves on the Bicocacolors blog of Madrid-based Elena Nuez are glorious.  Her site is always full of intriguing, one-of-a-kind images, well worth a visit any day.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such delicate designs. I imagine this could be a conservator’s nightmare though.
    On another note, how to you find this On Demand template? Are you happy with it? I have been thinking of getting it too.


    • That’s a great point about the “conservator’s nightmare.” Too true.

      Re the On Demand template: Love it, works well, a few minor glitches at the beginning when it was released but the theme designers are extremely responsive. If you have any specific questions about it, let me know. (It’s kind of tricky to set up initially, only because there are a number of choices you have to make and then execute properly. Takes a bit of fiddling. But once it’s up, it’s easy)


    • I imagine it takes an accomplished hand to handle a project like this. One of my favorite finds recently. And thank you for your support! I really appreciate my followers.


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