Mixed Media

Nikola Savic : ‘Spaced-Out Machine Parts’

Serbian artist Nikola Savic stages his first major solo show in London with new works on steel, canvas & paper.  His color-blocked paintings are machine-like, reflecting computer graphics and Virtual Reality.  He is at the leading edge of the neo-formalist movement.  (Above: Of course no problem , 2011, acrylic on canvas)

“Savic’s paintings are virtuoso performances, full of whim and intelligence, at times reminding me of an unlikely synthesis between Joan Miro and Al Held by way of Italian Futurism” Barry Schwabsky     (Above: Relax Station II revised, 2010 / Below: New York Rollerball, 2010 – both acrylic on stainless steel)

In his artist statement, Savic describes his forms as “three-dimensional objects which usually have a kind of float effect of spaced out machine parts.

Above: Homage to the Volkswagen Beetle, 2010, acrylic on stainless steel / Below: From Savic’s website.

(Above: What’s on your mind, 2011, acrylic on canvas)

Nikola Savic’s website, here.

His biography, here.

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