Month: December 2012

Steve Driscoll’s Urethane Innovations

Toronto-based contemporary artist Steve Driscoll has been free-pouring urethane for a decade, allowing the industrial material to mingle with paint for creations that flow and pool. Driscoll’s approach converts the standard Canadian landscape into a whole new expressionistic look.

Edward Cheverton: Musical Ecstasy

British illustrator Edward Cheverton remains a favorite.  I’ve posted about him before, but these new works are sublime. These first four are about “that moment in music where everything comes together and the listener enters a state of pure ecstasy.”  As you can tell from the other works […]

Sophie’s Sketchbooks

The variety of colors and shapes in these Moleskines reflect the wide scope of the work of  Sophie Leblanc, a French illustrator influenced by Art Nouveau and Japanese culture.  Just lovely. (Click image for a larger view)

Ceramics: Girls with a Message

The little girls in Amanda Smith’s exceptional ceramics are the “mouthpieces” for her message, characters she feels comfortable speaking through. Under the candy-coated flowers and bright colors, her glazed and painted clay slabs communicate her concern about the great divide of class around the world.

Kai McCall’s Enigmatic Narratives

Montreal-based Kai McCall’s languorous subjects always present a puzzle. “Like characters in a work of fiction,” he says, “the figures in my paintings confront challenges and conflicts as they navigate a variety of enigmatic situations and settings. I think of them as semi-autonomous individuals whose poses evolve as […]