Shaun Lowe: Canola, Sunshine & The Sea

shaun1Halifax-based freelance photographer Shaun Lowe’s brilliant color shots help lift the winter blues.  This field of lush canola stretches to the sea. Below, a favorite subject: an isolated, crumbling  farmhouse.



Above: Canola Skies / Below: Canola Road (Prince Edward Island)


Shaun-chairsSeats with a View

Lowe is a photo artist who does editorial for the media and also shoots stock photographs.  A great site to view all his works, here.  On Facebook, here.  Learn more about Canola, here.

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  1. Who knew canola was so beautiful in bloom! Ok, maybe those of you who live near the fields – but awesome color. I thought the first one was a painting when I first saw the preview on your FB page!


  2. Definitely uplifting images. The bright intense colors wake me up to a better day, after seeing the dank grey out of my window! Thank you for this timely post Boomer!


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