Month: February 2013

Giboulo’s Sculpted Democracy Village

This miniature sculpted world is a narrative critique on the uncontrolled growth of third world slums – this one in Haiti.  Village Démocratie is the re-creation of a shantytown outside Port-au-Prince where residents shared fragments of their lives with Canadian artist Karine Giboulo.

Stranka: Between Sleeping and Waking

Czech photographer Martin Stranka is one to watch, with more than three dozen international awards and a solid exhibition schedule in the U.S., Japan, Italy, England, France and other countries. His unique eye places many of his works in that narrow space of a few seconds between dreaming […]

The Beeswax Art of Penelope Stewart

Montreal-born Penelope Stewart has transformed yet another room – this time in a California gallery – with her extraordinary architecture, covering the walls with succulents, baroque tiles and lotus pods all cast from beeswax.  The installation is part of a tribute to bees in a new exhibition called […]