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Ryan Travis Christian: ‘Well, Here We Aren’t Again’


Ryan Travis Christian’s graphite and ink works are compelling abstracts, based on old-fashioned cartoon iconography. The Chicago-area artist has an exhibition of new works (Here We Aren’t Again) at CAM Raleigh.


The drawings “are full of motion, explosions, eye-bulges, jazz hands, frenetic patterns and formal gymnastics worthy of a Futurist’s kaleidoscopic vision of a speeding, pulsating humanity. Like the Futurists and the Cubists before him, Christian is concerned with picturing time and space as fractured and multidimensional.” — Exhibition Notes (Above: Hand of God)


Infinite Unrealized Comic Potential


Noisy Neighbor


Gay 2

coopercole_Well, Here We Aren't Again

(From Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto – Well Here We Aren’t Again)

Ryan Travis Christian’s biography, here.

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