Chagall’s Remarkable Lesser Known Works

chagall-ceilingThe Dallas Museum of Art is showing lesser-known paintings, collage, sculpture and ceramics by legendary Rusian-born French artist Marc Chagall in a special exhibition called Beyond Color. (Above: Maquette for the Opera Garnier ceiling, Paris)


The Dallas show (the only U.S. venue) contains more than 140 works including the centerpiece of the exhibition, a display of costumes created for the ballet Aleko, set to Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio in A Minor. The costumes have not been seen in America since a 1942 performance by the Ballet Theatre of New York.


Most of the ceramics in the exhibition have never been on view before, the museum says.


Chagall: Beyond Color is co-organized by the Dallas museum and La Piscine Museum, Roubaix, France. (Below: A Wheatfield on a Summer’s Afternoon, 1942) More on Chagall, here.


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